GaS Animal Roundup

We could all use a break from bad news, and what better way to do that than focus on animals. So Gary & Shannon decided to do a 'GaS Animal Roundup' today.

Legend has it at the Tower of London, there must always be 6 ravens. The queen raven has escaped! What does this mean?

There is an American facing death in Australia, an American pigeon that is. The pigeon traveled about 8,000 miles from Oregon to Australia. Australian officials believe the pigeon could be carrying viruses and must be killed.

Everyone wishes they could understand their dog. In 2021 we can, there is a new dog collar that translate barks into emotions. The collar can detect 5 emotions, happy, relaxed, anxious, angry, and sad.

Gary and Shannon cover it all! Take a listen below.

photo credit: Getty images

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