Viral Video Wipes Out Inventory For Local Catnip Company 'Cat Crack'

A cat named Lunch has gone viral for his love of a local catnip company.

As you can see in the TikTok video below (if it shows up for you) or the YouTube video above (click the 'watch on YouTube link in the message since Junkin' Media has blocked it from playing directly here), Lunch's owner presented him with the joys of catnip, and Lunch, well, went to lunch!

Lunch's owner attempts to get him to exercise some self control and well, let's just say Lunch isn't having it AT ALL.

The video went viral and has more than 20 million views.

Apparently, it was also a GREAT marketing tool for the company who created the catnip. It's called 'Cat Crack' and it's based in the Bear Valley Springs area of Tehachapi. Matt Sgherzi, co-founder of the company says that they received so many orders for the product that they've been 'wiped out' of inventory!

So, if you have a cat and you'd like to see if their catnip affects your cat the way it affected Lunch, you can order their products HERE...and they'll ship when it's back in stock!

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