Canadian Woman Caught Walking Husband on Leash to Get Around Curfew

A Canadian couple found themselves on a short leash with the long arm of the law when they failed to obey nightly COVID curfew ordinances set forth in a Quebec province.

One of few acceptable reasons to be on the streets between 8pm and 5am in the city of Sherbrooke is walking a dog close to home. When approached by police for breaking the new curfew at around 9pm Saturday, the woman reportedly told police she was “walking her dog.”

Her husband, who was wearing an actual leash, apparently, didn’t mind being assigned the role of “her dog.”

Isabelle Gendron of the Sherbrooke Police Department said the couple told them they were following the rule for pets adding they “did not cooperate with the police at all.” The couple were fined $1,500 each.

The North American country has seen a recent surge in Covid-19 cases, nearly 670,000 infections since the pandemic began.

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