More Vaccinations or More Recall Signatures ?

Question. What do you think has more numbers at this point? The number of California vaccinations or Newsom recall signatures?

If you want the answer listen to John & Ken below but you can probably figure it out.

Gavin Newsom has failed on many levels on the COVID response. But his real failure is simply connecting with Californians on a human level.

Newsom has rules for him and California elite. The rest of us, he figures will just have to deal with his demands and edicts.

Politico published a quote from Democrat hack strategist Garry South who actually piled on Newsom:

“I don’t think Californians can understand why we have hundreds of thousands of doses sitting there, and they’re not being administered,’’ said Garry South, a Democratic strategist who advised Newsom’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign and was a senior adviser to Davis. “California’s been through nearly 10 months of hell, and now there’s potentially a light at the end of tunnel with these vaccines — but it doesn’t do anybody any good if they’re not administered.”
“You’ve got to get these vaccinations in people's arms,” he said.

Listen to John and Ken answer the question... more vaccines or more recall signatures ?

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