DC Cop Hailed as Hero After Diverting Rioters Away from Senate Chambers

A Capitol police officer is being hailed a hero for leading rioters away from open Senate chambers doors.

Eugene Goodman was about to be overwhelmed on a stairway by the first of hundreds of protestors who’d breached the Capitol on Wednesday. The lone officer stalled the advancement of the angry mob with repeated demands to stand down while they backed him up a stairwell. Goodman antagonized the leader of the protestors - Doug Jensen, who has since been arrested - by shoving him. He then leads the intruders up another set of stairs and away from a direct view of the then-open chambers door, just a few feet away.

The hero cop was able to delay the crowd just long enough for a half-dozen armed officers to secure Senate chambers.

Social media took notice with one admirer tweeting “It seemed at first like he was running away from the rioters, but was actually leading them to where he wanted. Great work.”

Kristin Wilson is the CNN reporter who identified the officer. “He almost certainly saved lives on Wednesday. My thanks, Officer Goodman. THANK YOU.”

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