San Diego District Attorney to Gascon: NO !

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan called into the John & Ken Show today to explain why she took legal steps to keep George Gascon from prosecuting a dirtbag who committed armed robbery in San Diego county then went on to commit murder in LA County just hours later.

Summer's concern is that Gascon will drop special enhancements that would keep this POS in prison. She knows perfectly well that these kind of people need to be locked up for as long as possible and not back on our streets to run amok. Gascon's true motives are to keep these people out of prison and give them "a second chance".

From Summer Stephan's press office :

DA Stephan also sent Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón a letter informing him that her permission for prosecution of the San Diego cases is revoked citing Gascón's announcement that he will move to dismiss the gun allegations and the double murder special circumstance allegation, resulting in the defendant being eligible for parole in 20 years. Stephan says the Los Angeles DA’s changes to the prosecution are not in the interests of justice and violate the constitutionally-mandated protection of victims’ rights under Marsy’s law.
Stephan writes, “…none of the innocent store clerks who were robbed at gun point in San Diego County were allowed to provide input on whether 20 years in prison served the interests of justice or public safety. I cannot be an unwilling participant to your actions and decisions by continuing to allow your office to prosecute the San Diego robberies. Such action would be detrimental to public safety and would result in an abdication of my duties to San Diego's victims under the constitutional mandates of Marsy 's Law; this I will not do. As prosecutors, we must comply with the law.”

Just about every District Attorney from Southern California have the same issues with this Gascon creep. Let's see if a recall might appear....

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