Tom McClintock Talks About Today's Chaos

Today's chaos at the Capitol was an absolute shame. Crazies on both sides are out of their minds.

Congressman Tom McClintock put out this statement after today's Capitol chaos:

“The attack on the Capitol strikes at the most sacred act of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power. It is an outrage and a threat to our most fundamental principles as a free people.”

Congressman McClintock also put out this opinion piece noting while there may be election fraud, we must respect this imperfect system:

We desperately need intensive state and federal investigations into all the allegations of fraud in this election. Every fraudulent vote disenfranchises an honest citizen. Until there is a full public airing and resolution of the charges, the questions will remain, and a lingering pall of illegitimacy will stalk the new administration. We might even discover the election was indeed wrongly decided – just as we occasionally find cases erroneously decided by juries.  
No one has ever claimed that ours is a perfect system. It is merely the best we have yet been able to design. And until we come up with something better, we owe it to our country, our Constitution and our posterity to stand by it and to respect its outcome, despite our wishes and suspicions.  

Tom called into the John & Ken Show today just hours after being secured when Trump lunatics stormed and breached the Capitol.

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