Red Cross Offers Super Bowl Ticket Drawing to Drive Plasma Donations

The Red Cross is in major need of plasma donations and especially from those who have recovered from COVID-19.

Dr. Pampee Young, the Red Cross' chief medical officer, says that under normal cirumstances winter is a tough time for donations, but the pandemic has made it more of a challenge.

"It is vital that those who have recovered from COVID-19 donate blood or plasma so that we can continue to treat those critically ill with the virus."

So in order to drum up donation turnout, it has teamed up with the NFL to offer potential donors an incentive.

The Red Cross announced that every person who donates plasma at one of their locations in January will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of tickets to next year's Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

If you're interested in donating, information on how to do so and the safety precautions are listed on their website HERE.

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