Joint Session Of Congress Meets To Count Electoral Votes

On Wednesday (January 6), lawmakers will convene for a joint session of Congress to count the electoral votes from the presidential election. The electors officially cast their votes on December 14 after Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump by 306-232 on November 4.

In most years, Congress certifies the results without much of an issue, but this year a number of Republican lawmakers have vowed to contest the results in several swing states that Biden won, including Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Republicans may also challenge the results in Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

At least a dozen Republicans in the House of Representatives have said they will file objections to the certification. They will have the support of Josh Hawley in the Senate, and at least 11 other Republicans who have said they will vote in favor of the objections unless lawmakers agree to conduct a ten-day audit to review the votes.

If an objection is filed, the Senate and House will meet separately and discuss the challenge for up to two hours before voting on whether to sustain the objection.

The Republicans appear unlikely to have enough votes to stop Biden from being certified as the winner of the election.

Photo: Getty Images

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