A New Year's Eve Unlike Any Other (Thanks, COVID...)

This New Year's Eve is unlike any other (thanks COVID), and even though we all want to celebrate the end of 2020 -- the CDC is urging everyone to skip the parties this year...

"Staying home and celebrating with the people you live with or celebrating virtually with loved ones is the safest choice this year," the CDC writes. "Do not attend large gatherings this year. If you do host or attend a small gathering, everyone can take steps to make celebrating the New Year safer."

So the CDC laid out a few alternate ways you can ring in 2021 instead:

  1. Celebrate virtually - Stay home and watch a virtual concert or New Year's special, or maybe even enjoy a virtual meal with friends and family.
  2. Have a pajama party - What's the best thing about staying home? You can put that crop top on, baby! Cause there's no dress code!!! But if crop tops aren't your style, kick back in your pajamas and watch a movie or play a board game.
  3. Plan a 'front door countdown' - Get the neighbors together -- in a socially distant way -- by standing at your front doors and counting down to midnight.
  4. Don't forget to stay in touch with family & friends - The pandemic doesn't mean you have to cut off ALL contact with loved ones... Give them a call, send a text, or share a video conference for New Year's Eve!

Read more on Yahoo.com.

See you next year!!!

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