Los Angeles Vaccine Recipients Will Be Given E-Wallet Record

Folks living in Los Angeles County who received the COVID-19 vaccine will soon be able to show off proof of their medical status via their Apple Wallets or an equivalent Google platform.

Bloomberg reported on Tuesday (December 29) that the digital token, which will be provided by the software company Healthvana, will remind them of their follow-up dose of the vaccine, but also show proof of their vaccination. That documentation might be necessary to access events, airports, or the alike in the future.

"We're really concerned. We really want people to come back for that second dose," Claire Jarashow, the director of vaccine preventable disease control at Los Angeles County's Department of Public Health, told Bloomberg. "We just don't have the capacity to be doing hundreds of medical record requests to find people's first doses and when they need to get their second."

Healthvana CEO Ramin Bastani also chimed in, telling Bloomberg the digital token will roll out this week in hopes "to prove to airlines, to prove to schools, to prove to whoever needs it." As per the report, Los Angeles County had administered 38,850 doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine, with a focus on healthcare workers, care-home residents and paramedics.

Photo: Getty Images

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