Ceiling Fans Are Being Recalled

Low Angle View Of Ceiling Fan

If you just bought a ceiling fan, this is news you can use. More than 190,000 ceiling fans from Home Depot are being recalled. The fan's blades can detach while in use. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says the company that makes the fans, King of Fans, received 47 reports of blades detaching, including two reports of someone being hit by a detached fan blade. Not all of King of Fans’ Mara ceiling fans are being recalled.

The CPSC says the recall applies to the company's Mara ceiling fans with matte white, matte black, black and polished nickel finishes. The commission says if you purchased these items you need to "immediately stop" using them.
"If consumers observe blade movement or uneven gaps between the blades and fan body or movement of the clip during inspection, consumers should immediately contact King of Fans for a free replacement ceiling fan.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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