Customer Drops Suit Alleging Glass in Her Salmon Meal at Cheesecake Factory

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A woman has dropped her lawsuit against the Cheesecake Factory, in which she alleged her gums began to bleed after she bit into a piece of glass while consuming a miso salmon entrée in 2016 at the Beverly Hills location.

Brittany Green's Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit was filed in April 2018 and alleged negligence, strict liability and implied warranty of merchantability. Her lawyers filed court papers Dec. 15 with Judge Daniel M. Crowley asking that the case be dismissed, but the court papers did not divulge whether a settlement was reached or if Green is not pursuing the case for other reasons.

Lawyers for the Cheesecake Factory stated in their court papers that the restaurant chain was not responsible for the incident or for Green's injuries.

Green ordered the miso salmon dish with substituted asparagus and mashed potatoes during a visit on April 2, 2016.

“Brittany, who reasonably expected defendants to have exercised due care in the preparation and service of the food, began to eat without first examining or inspecting its contents,'' according to her complaint.

Green says she bit into the food and attempted to chew, but felt a hard object.

“After several attempts at biting and chewing, it became clear that something in the bite was abnormally hard and was causing her pain. Brittany then (spat) out the bite of food and discovered a jagged piece of glass,'' after which she “began to feel severe pain in several of her teeth and mouth and started to bleed where, upon information and belief, the glass cut her gums,'' the suit said.

The lawsuit included a photo of the piece of glass allegedly found in Green's meal.

The incident caused Green both physical pain as well as mental distress, according to her lawsuit.

Photo: Getty Images

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