The Mutated Virus: Be Concerned, Not Alarmed!

World Health Organization officials say that even though it isn’t necessary, they fully support travel bans to and from the U.K., thanks to a mutated strain of the coronavirus that recently surfaced there...

While WHO officials say the new version isn’t anything to be 'concerned' about, they do say they’re all for playing it safe. Because we all know, safety does NOT take a holiday!


Photo: Getty Images

“This is prudent,” says WHO emergencies chief Mike Ryan of the travel ban. “But it is also important that everyone recognizes that this happens; these variants occur.”

Ryan says other viruses – such as influenza – mutate much more quickly than the coronavirus has, but most people don't know that.

“We have to find a balance,” Ryan says. “It’s very important to have transparency, it’s very important to tell the public the way it is, but it’s also important to get across that this is a normal part of virus evolution.”

For the latest updates on the new Covid variant, visit The New York Times.

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