Security Company Creates “Social Distancing Sweater”

The ugly sweater has found a new way to repel guests at the next holiday party.

Home Security company SimpliSafe has developed a motion-detecting sweater that sounds alarms and flashes lights when someone comes within six feet of the wearer.

Before your “I have to have that!” reflex engages, SimpliSafe has no plans to manufacture the blue and white knit sweater with snowflakes and padlocks that light up when social distancing protocols are breached. The one featured in a promotional video is just a prototype that’s not available for sale.

If you’re still insistent on having the obnoxious pullover, the company provides instructions on how to create your own motion-detecting alarm sweater.

According to SimpliSafe’s press release, they gave away a limited quantity of the sweater - sans alarm system and flashing lights - in exchange for charitable donations to NeighborWorks America Rental Resilience Fund. The donations aim to help those economically impacted by COVID-19.

Regarding the electronic sweater, SimpliSafe’s Creative Director Wade Devers said “It’s really meant to bring some lightheartedness to a time that’s otherwise proven very stressful.”

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