@DarkSecretPlace - What Should Have Happened During Operation: Eagle Claw

In 1980, during the Iran Hostage Crisis, the American government struggled to find ways to safely remove the hostages from captivity. Some hostages had hidden with the Canadian ambassador's residence, their rescue being the subject of the 2012 film Argo. 53 others were not as fortunate, and were held for several months.

During this time, the American government scrambled to find a way to free the hostages. Operation: Eagle Claw was authorized by President Jimmy Carter, as a means of doing so. Unfortunately, the operation failed due to mechanical failures with several helicopters, and a collision between two of them, resulting in the deaths of five Air Force members, and three Marines. The operation highlighted several deficiencies with the country's inability to coordinate between military branches, as well as the maintenance of equipment.

On KFI AM640's "Dark Secret Place," Bryan Suits discusses what should have happened during the failed operation.

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