2004: The New Kennedys

Yes, you are seeing what used to be California royalty.

In 2004, these two charmed souls used to be California's power couple. In 2006, they became just another divorced couple.

Kimberly went on to become Trump Jr's main squeeze and Gavin....well... you know his story.

In 2004 Harper's Bazaar, the dopey women's fashion magazine put out a spread on these two which now looks pretty ridiculous, especially the carpet pic.

From the SF Chronicle in 2004:

It was photographer Dewey Nicks who'd suggested that floor thing, said Guilfoyle Newsom. "He liked the room, suggested that we do that. He wanted something kind of warm and intimate. ... It's a fashion magazine."
There's also a picture of the Newsoms shooting pool (in the back room at Tosca Cafe), her silhouette sleek in satin, and shots of her in a closet, perched on a window ledge and relaxing on a sofa under the Gettys' art collection.
The mayor calls his marriage "a wonderful combination of being in love and extraordinarily proud." The first lady says the admiration she first felt when she met her future husband has "grown into a deep appreciation of someone with whom you not only share a connection but trust."

Listen to John & Ken take a trip back in time to read from this ridiculous magazine piece.

pic/getty images

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