Climbing Cookie Consumption Causes Concern

In a year that’s seen many more of us reach for comfort food, it appears demand is outpacing supply for one cookie manufacturer.

Pepperidge Farms, which makes wildly popular varieties like Milano and Chessman, warns that it’s facing a shortage during its busiest season.

Campbell’s Soup Company owns the Pepperidge Farm brand. Its CEO, Mark Clouse, recently informed investors that an increase in demand as well as labor shortage – both a result of the global pandemic – are to blame for the shortage.

Top Data, which analyzes U.S consumer tracking data, found a 25% increase in demand for cookies in 2020. Their findings also suggest that 20 percent of Americans are eating more than three cookies per day on average.

The state most commonly caught with its hand in the jar is Utah. Louisiana ranked last in nationwide cookie consumption.

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