“Cookie Monster” The Subject of Mysterious Mural on Illinois Business

Move aside monoliths. A new mystery is unfolding in Peoria, Illinois over a mural recently discovered on the side of a building.

It’s not the identity of the artist, nor is it a cryptic message that was painted.

Joshua Hawkins apparently didn’t ask enough questions when he received a phone call on November 27th offering money for his artistic expertise. The caller, only identified as “Nate,” commissioned Hawkins to paint a giant mural of...Cookie Monster.

Yep, that one. Sesame Street’s own.

Odd choice to be sure but that’s not what’s most perplexing. It turns out the “Nate” who called doesn’t actually own the building.

Nate Comte does. And he wasn’t happy when he returned from Thanksgiving break to see the big blue muppet with a Russian caption beneath that translates to “World, Peace, Cookies” plastered all over the side of his property.

Hawkins says he was paid cash for the work, half of which he collected up front, calling it “one of the best paying commissions” he ever got. Upon completion, “Nate” paid in full. Then disappeared.

Comte initially didn’t buy Hawkins’ story about the illicit request for his services. He’s since had Cookie Monster whitewashed from the brickwork of his building and says he won’t press vandalism charges.

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