Protests Set for 10th Straight Day at Garcetti's Residence


LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The 10th consecutive day of demonstrations outside Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's official residence is planned for today in an attempt to persuade President-elect Joe Biden not to appoint Garcetti to his cabinet.

The theme of the protest will be “Defund the police,'' according to organizers.

About 100 people gathered Wednesday morning outside Getty House chanting that Garcetti is the “worst mayor in the nation'' and that he needs to address the immediate problems Los Angeles faces.

During the protest, Melina Abdullah, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, instructed protesters to flood Twitter with messages asking Garcetti if he would remove his name from any shortlist Biden may have for consideration of cabinet positions, using the hashtag #BlockGarcetti.

“Protests come with the territory as mayor,'' Garcetti said. “I will always support people's right to make their voices heard peacefully and keep listening to what they have to say. I am honored to represent four million Angelenos, and I am singularly focused on saving lives and rebuilding a city out of this crisis that is more fair, just and equitable.

“Angelenos are hurting badly right now, and I see that pain every day. Too many lives have been lost, but I know that our collective efforts have saved so many more. That work, more than anything else, is my guiding light right now.''

Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles and Ground Game LA have vowed to conduct a demonstration every day until Biden commits to not appointing Garcetti to the cabinet. They are critical of Garcetti's handling of homelessness, public transportation and other issues.

Garcetti has repeatedly said he has not sought a position with the incoming Biden administration.

Photo: Getty Images

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