CUDDLY: Help Support Animals In Your Area

You've heard us talking about CUDDLY, an amazing crowdfunding platform designed to help animal welfare organizations worldwide.

CUDDLY believes that animals 'rescue' us and because they don't have a voice, it's our obligation to support and protect them whenever possible. CUDDLY's goal is to give all animals a healthy and loving home. Their unique crowdfunding platform enables animal welfare organizations to create fundraisers and wishlists to suppor tthe animals in their care. you can donate to provide medical care, medicine, food, toys and other items for animals in need. More than 2,000 animal welfare organizations work with CUDDLY globally to help animals all over the world.

Meet Ringo and Barbie.

Ringo was spotted by animal lover Erin Ryder on the freeway near Long Beach. He was in the bed of a pickup truck with tape around his mouth. Erin got the driver to pull over so she could check on the dog's safety and found out that the driver was Ringo's owner and he was using tape as a muzzle to take Ringo to the vet for a paw injury. After speaking to the owner she realized he was not a cruel man, he just didn't know any better. Ultimately, he decided to surrender both Ringo and his other dog Barbie to Long Beach Animal Care Services to give them an opportunity for a better life. They ended up at Live Love Animal Rescue where they were cuddled and loved by all.

Sadly, after Ringo was checked out by a vet it was found that injury to his paw was cancer, and that he cancercerous masses throughout his lungs. On November 25, Ringo passed away peacefully. Barbie is still in the care of Live Love Animal Rescue and you can read more about her HERE and support her by texting CUDDLY to 69922.

CUDDLY wants to help more animals like Ringo and Barbie, so visit CUDDLY to support an animal in need in your area.

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