How "Teacher Created Materials" is Making Teaching from Home Easier for You

Co-owner of Teacher Created Materials, Deanne Mendoza, has had her hands busier than usual this year.

Her and her team work to provide teachers and students incredible and educational materials created by teachers.

And with many schools having to go into online learning, their work has been invaluable.

They've also kindly done a few things for you the listener! Click HERE to check out 7-weeks worth of FREE parent at-home teaching materials and if you'd like to purchase more, they've made a promo code for you.

Use either IHEART or JENNIFER to save some cash on some awesome learning materials!

Deanne joined Jennifer this morning to discuss how they are helping parents and teachers at home AND all the wonderful work they've done to help us with our PastaThon fundraiser.

If you want to learn more and see what materials they have, check out their website HERE and follow them on social media HERE.

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