Twelve-Year-Old Boy Genius Has Sights Set on Mars

In a new case of "well what were you doing as a 12-year-old?" one boy hopes to travel to the red planet....after being accepted to Georgia Tech.

Caleb Anderson, who is currently in high school and enrolled in a local technical college, has mapped out a fantastical future for himself. 

Next fall, the pre-teen is expected to attend Georgia Tech where he plans to get his master's degree. If all goes well, his next stop will be an internship with Elon Musk, followed by a PhD at MIT, and then he says "I think I'll start working at either NASA or SpaceX."

Caleb's mother, Claire, said he could read at six months old and began taking college-level classes at age 10. His father Kobi says, at age three, Caleb began asking "very deep, profound questions."

The boy genius has even caught the attention of TV Host Steve Harvey, recently agreed to pay for Caleb's college tuition.

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