Ugly Duckling, Eat Your Heart Out

The Ugly Duckling has a new reason to cry those bitter ducky tears. Orange county park goers ran across a species of waterfowl known as the Mandarin duck. The ‘world’s most beautiful duck’ showed up in a flock of birds swimming along in the pond at Irvine Regional Park in Orange. 

The duck stood out among its winged brethren as its vibrant colors separated it from the pack. The bird is native to East Asia and it rocks a pattern reminiscent of the most elegant, multicolored shag rug money can buy.  

“If the glamorous-looking mandarin duck were a person and walked into a crowded room, all conversations would stop and heads would turn. It has been called by many the world’s most beautiful duck, and it certainly looks that way when floating on a local pond with other ducks,” OCR writer Mark Rightmire said. 

This species of duck is becoming a familiar sight after being seen in the OC area more and more throughout the years. The bird rocks an orange-tipped beak, a multi colored head filled with vibrant oranges, greens , and blues, a body with dynamic color blocking, and an all-white underbelly.  

Feast your eyes upon this elegant poultry

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