Outdoor Dining Ban Set To Begin Wednesday at 10PM


Starting Wednesday at 10pm, all in-person dining in LA County will be banned. This is an outrage! Where’s the science?! Hundreds of thousands will suffer because of this. Many will lose their jobs. This is inhumane! No other county in the country is doing this – banning outdoor dining. Only LA County. Does the virus have GPS? The LA County Board of Supervisors in a 3-2 vote upheld the ban. The ban is set to last for at least three weeks.

This comes just after Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught eating at a restaurant in Napa Valley with people from other households; completely contradicting his own safety guidelines he asks Californians to adhere to.

Why are we putting up with this oppression?! The elites get to party while we peasants have to beg for scraps! We aren’t even allowed to eat outdoors! This is ridiculous!

From the LA Daily News:

If the county’s five-day daily case average exceeds 4,500, or if hospitalizations top 2,000, the county can issue a strict “Safer At Home” order — much like the one imposed at the onset of the pandemic. The order would allow only essential workers to leave home, or people who are accessing essential services.
The new orders would add the following restrictions to the restaurant closures beginning Thursday, though it was unclear when these new rules would take effect.
  • All public and private gatherings outside the same household are prohibited, except for outdoor religious services and protests, and still require masking and distancing.
  • Permitted activity operated outdoors at 50% capacity.
  • Essential retail operating indoors at 35%.
  • Non-essential retail indoors at 25%.
  • Beaches, trails and parks remain open for active recreation.
  • Gatherings at any public spaces, beaches, trails or parks are prohibited with members outside one’s household.
  • Shared outdoor facilities remain open for members of a single household.
  • Pools closed except for lap swimming.
  • Non-essential office space businesses, playgrounds except for childcare and schools, bars clubs lounges, sporting events would all close.
  • Libraries at 20% maximum occupancy.
  • Youth sports can remain open for conditioning.
“If we implement these measures, my hope would be in a few weeks we could see a decrease in our case numbers,” Ferrer said.

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