You Can Stream Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max the Same Day it Hits Theaters!

It's a Christmas Superhero Miracle!

If you have HBO Max, you may be able to skip the theater if you want to watch 'Wonder Woman 1984' on Christmas Day!

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HBO Max, which is owned by Warner Media (and is the same company producing DC films), will have first streaming dibs of the Wonder Woman sequel -- and will stream the film the same time it hits theaters!

But don't worry, once the film is no longer streaming on HBO Max, it will continue showing in theaters.

“We appreciate how patient audiences have been and given the great anticipation around Wonder Woman 1984 we are grateful to be able to make this terrifically entertaining movie widely available in these challenging times,” said Toby Emmerich, Chairman of the Warner Bros. Pictures Group.

Would you rather watch Wonder Woman 1984 on a streaming service, or do you prefer physically going to a movie theater? Tweet me your thoughts: @JJLKFI!

Check out Deadline for more information.

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