Woman Who Received Flu Shot Instead of Birth Control Awarded $10M

A Seattle woman who became pregnant after she was accidentally given a flu shot instead of birth control has just been awarded $10 million.

In a settlement reached in U.S. District Court, Judge Robert Lasnik awarded Yeseni Pacheco $7.5 million for expenses -- and $2.5 million in damages. Pacheco filed the suit after she gave birth to a "severely disabled child," according to her attorney, Mike Maxwell.

The child was born in spite of the fact that Pacheco had gone to a local clinic for a birth control shot -- but the on-duty nurse accidentally gave her a flu shot instead, according to court paperwork.

Pacheco claims she didn't notice the nurse's mistake until about 2 months later when she called in to make her next appointment... By that time, she was already pregnant.

“Luis and Yesenia Pacheco are pleased that they’re closer to receiving the funds needed for their daughter’s extraordinary medical care and training,” the family's lawyers wrote in a statement. “It was a long hard road for the family.”

The child is now 8 years old and has an IQ of 70, according to the family’s attorneys.

Read the full story on Fox News.

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