Family Fights to Keep Daughter's Rude Gesture on Her Gravestone

After an Aberdeen, Scotland 13-year died of cystic fibrosis earlier this year, her family included one of her favorite pictures on the headstone. 

But one observer has taken offense to the image of Kayla Carle; one of her giving the bird.

Her family is prepared to vigorously defend the suggestive snapshot, especially the girl's mother Rachel, who says it was one of her daughter's favorite pictures. 

Now she's being asked by the City Council to take it down after a complaint suggested the content was "rude and inappropriate."

But mom isn't ready to bend to anyone's sensitivities in light of her family's tragedy. 

"I lost my 13-year old daughter. I picked that picture for a reason, it represents her. If you don't like it, don't look at it."

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