SD Leaders Push Back On Restrictions

Why can't LA do this?

San Diego leaders and business people are not taking these restrictions lightly and not giving up on their communities, unlike LA.

From the LA Times:

A day after San Diego County reported a record-breaking 1,087-case jump in coronavirus infections, more than 100 elected officials, business owners and residents rallied near San Diego’s waterfront Monday, demanding the county let restaurants, churches and other small businesses reopen.
moved into the state’s most restrictive tier last week. Because of its purple designation, gyms, restaurants, churches, movie theaters and bars all had to stop in-door operations as of midnight Saturday.
On Monday afternoon, County Supervisor Jim Desmond, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells and Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey spoke to the crowd of mostly mask-less business owners and residents, some of whom held U.S. flags and “Reopen San Diego” posters.
Desmond said hundreds of San Diegans are hurting because of the yo-yo effect of opening and closing. He said it’s unfair to punish businesses that follow sanitation protocols, when the county’s numbers show new cases are not coming from those businesses.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells talked to John & Ken today about how these restrictions are killing the San Diego region and how they intend on fighting them.

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