Back to Purple Tier...

Back to "Purple Tier"....and no one is happy about it.

We knew this was going to happen, but some are wondering if hospitalizations are not increasing, why slide back ?

Business owners cannot survive with this decision.

From the OC Register:

Orange County will have to once more restrict or shutdown some previously reopened industries because it has fallen back to the most restrictive coronavirus tier, state officials announced on Monday, Nov. 16 — the same day Gov. Gavin Newsom announced California would hit the “emergency brake” on economic activity has another surge of infections sweeps over the state.
The state is in the midst of an alarming surge in the coronavirus in recent weeks. Newsom said the recent increase in cases rivaled the largest previous statewide increase during the summer.
Newsom’s announcement means counties that have spiking virus metrics can move backward in the state’s four-tier reopening matrix after one week, not the previous two-week requirement. Counties can also move back multiple tiers if needed, and counties that move backward must require industry restrictions immediately, not three days.

OC Supervisor Don Wagner told John & Ken Governor Newsom's data is flawed and explains why.


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