Las Virgenes School District re-opens

Angela Cutbill is Vice-President of the Las Virgenes School Board of Education. Angela talked to John & Ken today about the Las Virgenes School re-opening for the younger students.

LA County gave the school district some wavers to get grades TK through 2nd opened up under certain conditions.

ABC7 describes some of those conditions:

Las Virgenes is the first district to get approval from Los Angeles County to reopen for in-person learning, and it comes with many safety restrictions in place.
"Making sure our staff and our students are safe is job number one, two, three and four," said Superintendent Dan Stepenosky
This will be the first time students will be stepping foot on campus in several months and it will look very different.
Desks are spaced out, teachers are equipped with personal protective equipment and masks are required.
And before entering the building, a health screening must be completed and a temperature check performed.
"We're going to have our students divided in two cohorts. County regulations say we cannot have more than 12 children in a classroom," Stepenosky said.
Las Virgenes welcomed students of all grade levels with special needs on Oct. 5.
But Monday, it opens for in-person learning for the first time to the general population, after visits and inspections from LA County's Department of Public Health.

Many parents are going to choose not to send their children back to in-person school. That is their choice.

But hey, Gov. Gavin Newsom did...

You decide what is best for your family and children.

Listen to Angela talk to John & Ken about the excitement at the Las Virgenes School District after re-opening classrooms.

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