Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the EXPLODING WHALE!

It's a very, very special Monday here at KFI...

That's right...

It's the 50TH ANNIVERSARY of the EXPLODING WHALE in Oregon!

Photo Courtesy of Paul Linnman, KATU News

If you're not familiar -- back in 1970, the forty-five-foot, eight-ton famous sperm whale blubber was blasted on the shores of Florence, becoming one of the very first 'viral videos' to grace the world!

"It had to be said the Oregon State Highway Department not only had a whale of a problem on its hands," Paul Linnman reported for KATU a half century ago. "It had a stinking whale of a problem."

And yes, it's true... A sedan parked nearby was even crushed by a large chunk of the whale blubber after the explosion...

Check out the incredible reporting of the historical event below:

So in celebration of this explosive 50th anniversary, Gary and Shannon had the honor of interviewing the legendary Oregon television and radio broadcaster, Paul Linnman, about the event that blasted both blubber and Paul’s career skyward!

Listen to the interview below:

Read more about the exploding whale on KVAL News.

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