Arizona Chaos

The Dems are closing in.

Its looks like Fox News was right. The Trump campaign got really pissed when Fox News called Arizona.

So right now in Maricopa County Arizona the Stop the Steal people are screaming fraud.

The Arizona Republic has been watching and it looks like Trump is falling short:

President Donald Trump fell far short of the margin he needs to capture Arizona's 11 electoral votes in results released by Maricopa County officials Friday morning. 
Trump received 50.6% of the 62,787 votes released by the county at 9 a.m. Friday, to former Vice President Joe Biden's 45%.
Third-party candidate Jo Jorgensen received 2.8%, and 1.6% of ballots had no votes for any president candidate.
The results narrowed Biden's statewide lead over Trump to 43,779 votes.
Trump fell far short of the 57% of the remaining vote he needs to take the state. And given the size of Friday's batch of votes from Maricopa County, Trump is running out of ballots to make it happen.

Our very own Jane Wells was at the Maricopa County registrar and talked to John & Ken about the rage Trump supporters are feeling right now.

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