What we know...

What we know is this thing is looking more like Biden. Trump claims fraud.

The democrats did this thing the right way. They ballot-harvested and used the mail-in-ballot approach to get Biden elected.

Another thing we know is the useless pollster hacks got things wrong again.

This from The Daily Mail:

A prominent Republican pollster called political polling a 'systematic failure' after most major surveyors got it wrong again four years after incorrectly predicting that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump.
Frank Luntz told DailyMail.com that the main reason pollsters couldn't get it right in 2016 or 2020 is because the president's voters don't 'cooperate' with pollsters.
'Trump voters assume polls and pollsters have an agenda that doesn't include them, so they refuse to cooperate,' Luntz said. 'That's why they're underrepresented. That's why they get left out of the polls.'
'The only way to fix this is to let Trump voters know they have a voice and that their opinions truly matter,' he suggested.

Listen to John & Ken breakdown last night's crap-show and what to expect tomorrow.

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