Oregon Becomes First State to Decriminalize All Drugs

Oregon has become the first state in the nation to decriminalize the personal use of all drugs - including cocaine, heroin and meth after voters approved Measure 110, the New York Times reported Tuesday night.

Measure 110 was among several drug-related initiatives on the ballot in the state for the November 3rd election. The measure removes criminal penalties - including prison time - for possessing small amounts of the schedule 1 drugs and will give offenders the option of either paying a small fine ($100) or by going through a "completed health assessment" at an addiction recovery center.

One important distinction to note - those drugs were not legalized by voters, and only decriminalized. Existing sales tax revenues from marijuana sales will also be redirected to expanding existing drug addiction treatment and recovery programs.

Oregon isn't the only state looking to decriminalize drugs. Recreational marijuana has proven to be a popular issue with voters as several states approved measures that would legalize it in their state. New Jersey, Montana and Arizona voters approved ballot measures that would approve recreational marijuana.

In Mississippi, medical marijuana would become legal for people with debilitating medical conditions. For the initiative to pass, it must receive a majority of the votes cast on the question and at least 40 percent of the total votes in the state’s biggest election (the presidential race). South Dakota also has a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot, which looks likely to pass.

In Washington D.C., it's looking as three-quarter of voters have approved a measure that would decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances. D.C. joins a handful of other cities around the country that have taken the step to decriminalize certain psychedelic substances.

Photo: Getty Images

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