Disney Cast Members Are Struggling

Layed-off Disneyland Cast Member Desi D'Amani talked to John & Ken about the struggles Disney workers in So Cal are having.

Desi is a singer/actress/entertainer who was recently layed-off after Disney officials were told that the park is not opening any time soon.

Thanks Gavin Newsom.

Today Disney announced new COVID safety measures as they are trying to win the PR battle to prove to CA they can open up responsibly.

From the OC Register: Disneyland plans to install more than 23,000 coronavirus health and safety measures to prepare for the eventual reopening of the Anaheim theme park resort now that California has issued guidelines for the state’s major tourist destinations to return to full operation.
Disney will roll out thousands of COVID-19 sanitization stations, protective barriers and warning signs by the time Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Disney’s three Anaheim hotels fully reopen alongside Downtown Disney

What more can Disney do? They have not had any outbreaks at any of their open parks. They have all necessary protocols in place.

What more can Disney employees do? They have been waiting for CA to get their heads out of their butts and give them the green light.

Listen to John & Ken talk to former Cast Member Desi D'Amani about life after shutdown.

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