Help For Producer Nick & Jazz

When you get married, you don't think about your first year being a struggle. It's supposed to be a time of happiness and joy.

It's clear that 2020 has been tough for all of us, but it's been even tougher for a member of the Gary & Shannon / KFI family, Producer Nick VaVerka and his wife Jazz.

Nick and Jazz married on March 8, 2020, just before the Covid lockdown. They had to postpone their honeymoon and in addition, the last few months Jazz has been experiencing some debilitating medical issues which have caused paralysis and speech impairment. She was recently diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder, and while doctors work with them on a treatment plan to help her through this crisis, their lives have been turned upside down. Right now, Jazz needs a wheelchair and full-time assistance, and Nick has had to take a temporary leave from his job as producer of the show to navigate them through this crisis.

It's far too much for a young couple to deal with in their first year of marriage, so we're reaching out to you to ask for help. There's a GoFundMe to help Nick & Jazz during this difficult time. If you can spare a little to help out, we'd appreciate it so much. CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe.

Thank you.

Oh, and just because he's really's some video of Nick performing a tribute to the late, great, Eddie Van Halen.

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