A Crustacean that Could Save the Nation

Scientists declare that a possible vaccine to the Coronavirus can be stored in the Long Island Horseshoe Crab.

The blood found in this species of crab helps scientists detect deadly toxins in the bloodstream. “The blue blood keeps them safe.” This prehistoric crab species uses its blood as an adaptive agent to deal with blood damage and ailments.

The property found in their blood is known as amoebocyte. This property is an essential part of FDA Testing. Doctors harvest the blood and use it for testing of new vaccines to see the effects before moving testing onto mammals. 

Unfortunately, these crabs are decreasing in numbers after years of fishing and changes to their environment. l These crabs are essential to the advancement of modern medicine meaning if there’s hope for a Coronavirus vaccine, it must go through the hands… or claws of these prehistoric creepy crawlers.  

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