California GOP Accused Of Setting Up Illegal Ballot Drop-Off Boxes

The California GOP has been accused of setting up unofficial and possibly illegal ballot drop-off boxes across the state.

Multiple boxes have been set up in locations like churches, gyms, and even gun stores - with signs that read "Official ballot drop-off box". But California Secretary of State Alex Padilla says the boxes are not official, calling them "misleading to voters" and a "violation of state law" that could potentially carry a prison term.

Republican officials say the boxes are legal under a 2016 ballot-harvesting law.

According to Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley, by Sunday hundreds of people had already reported the drop boxes to the state Attorney General and FBI.

“What we did was started to look into it, notified the state, and the Secretary of State issued guidance this afternoon that it is illegal and you can’t do that,” Kelley said.

To find out if the drop box location near you is official, visit the Secretary of State website.

Read the full report on the Orange County Register.

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