Michael Burke Teaches Us How to Communicate with Our Pets

Michael Burke communicates with animals intuitively in order to answer questions, find solutions and provide people and animals with peace, harmony, confidence and clarity.

During an animal communication session with him, you will receive guidance and support regarding behavior issues, health challenges, emotional obstacles, end of life crossroads and afterlife communication.

His unique approach combines his background as an intuitive with his experience in dog psychology, behavior and training, and energy healing.

He is also an Intuitive Life Coach, offering guidance that will clarify, support and enlighten.


•One-on-one animal communication sessions, behavior consulting, and intuitive life coaching sessions. He is part of Cesar Millan's (the Dog Whisperer) Training Cesar's Way team...He is the Meditation Director and they have multiple workshops throughout the year at Cesar's Dog Psychology Center .

• He teaches virtual meditation classes 3 times per week online to help people and their pets stay calm, grounded, and sane during these crazy times.

•Next month he is launching an online program to help people better understand and communicate with their pets intuitively and energetically....as well as how to address behavior challenges that may be arising during the pandemic and lockdowns.....and it will also will include personal development tools and techniques for people to maintain calm confident leadership for their pets.

MORE AT MichaelRBurke.com

Follow Michael on IG @MichaelBurkeOfficial and Facebook @MichaelBurkeOfficial

Photo Credit: Michael Burke

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