NO on Prop 16

Protest Ending of Affirmative Action

Proposition 16 on the California ballot says this:

Permits government decision-making policies to consider race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in order to address diversity by repealing constitutional provision prohibiting such policies. Fiscal Impact: No direct fiscal effect on state and local entities. The effects of the measure depend on the future choices of state and local government entities and are highly uncertain.

Do you want affirmative action or not?

That is Proposition 16.

Do you want the government "deciders" to consider race, sex, color, etc. while they run our state and make decisions for you?

That is Proposition 16.

Of course the usual suspects are asking you to vote yes. Would you expect any different? Prop 16 is just another round of identity politics in play.

If you want affirmative action and believe the government should use race and other selected criteria to give preferential treatment, vote yes.

But if you believe all people are equal and should be treated the same, vote no.

I think you know where John & Ken stand.

John & Ken talked to the Co-Chairwoman for NO on Prop 16, Betty Chu.

Not surprising, the YES on 16 people were not interested in speaking to John & Ken....

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