CA: No openings until all communities see infections declines

We knew this was coming...

California now wants "racially equitable" COVID infection rates BEFORE opening up all county communities !

This from the LA Times:

California’s larger counties will not be permitted to reopen their economies further unless they reduce coronavirus infections in the hardest hit places where the poor, Black people, Latinos and Pacific Islanders live.
Under a new state requirement for reopening during the pandemic, counties with more than 106,000 residents must bring infections down in these places and invest heavily there in testing, contact tracing, outreach and providing means for infected people to isolate. Los Angeles is one county sure to be affected, along with others in Southern California.
The measure is designed to ensure that test positivity rates in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods do not significantly exceed a county’s overall rate, a disparity that has been widespread during the pandemic.
The new requirements, which take effect Oct. 6, may make it difficult for some counties to reopen as quickly and broadly as local leaders would like.

What ????

These knucklehead authorities now demand that poor latino and black communities that happen to have higher rates of infection need to see decreases before they "allow" other areas to open.

We absolutely hate to see the metric that these poorer communities have been hit hard, but what about places that have seen decreases of infections?

Should everything remain closed just because some smaller areas have not seen the decrease ?

A racial and ethnic quota is a horrible way to gauge who gets to open and who remains closed!

We are just getting word of this late today. We will be discussing this more tomorrow.

Listen to John & Ken's first thoughts on this late breaking development with Riverside Supervisor Jeff Hewitt.

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