Trump and Biden Clash In 2020's First (Chaotic) Presidential Debate

Where to begin...

Headlines around the world describe the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday night as a "circus", "dumpster fire", "train wreck", and even a "debacle."


President Trump derailed the night by repeatedly talking over the former vice president and attacking him during answers on every subject. And at one point, Biden responded by calling Trump a "clown" and the "worst president that America has ever had."

During the wild 90-minute debate, moderator Chris Wallace even gave the president a chance to condemn White supremacists. However, Trump declined, and instead said they should "stand back and stand by".

Specifically, he singled out a group called 'The Proud Boys' who quickly turned Trump's words into a logo that went viral. Group members also immediately began pledging allegiance to Trump online saying, "We're ready!"

But leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement called Trump's refusal to condemn The Proud Boys "a stark insult" to Black Americans.

After Trump called on the group to stand ready, Biden claimed that the president has only made the country "sicker, poorer, more divided and more violent".

Track more of the candidates talking (argumentative) points on NBC News.

Photo: Getty Images

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