Film Shoot in Fullerton Mistaken for Break-in

FULLERTON (CNS) - Actors in ski masks were caught appearing to break in to a multi-family residential unit in Fullerton, but police later learned it was part of a film shoot, authorities said today.

Police received multiple calls of a possible home-invasion robbery in the 200 block of East Orangefair Mall, according to Fullerton Police Sgt. Ryan O'Neil.

Officers discovered two males in ski masks and what appeared to be guns. Officers later identified props and learned from the homeowner that no crime had occurred, O'Neil said.

Witnesses said multiple people were detained during an investigation.

Because the film shoot involved a private home, police were not notified of the production, he said.

A person associated with the film shoot told a videographer at the scene that they were filming a robbery scene for a Hulu production.

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