Injunction Issued In Census Lawsuit

US Census Suspends Field Work During Coronavirus Outbreak

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A federal judge today issued a preliminary injunction against the Trump administration's plan to cut the time for gathering data for the 2020 Census.

The preliminary injunction replaces a temporary restraining order which was set to expire this week.

Los Angeles and Los Angeles County are part of the national coalition that sued to block the plan to compress 8 1/2 months of data collection and processing into 4 1/2 months, which would likely lead to an undercount of populaces.

“This injunction is a major victory in our fight for an accurate Census count which is crucial to fair political representation and the proper allocation of essential federal resources," Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said.

“The court saw through the Trump administration's efforts to camouflage its political interference in what is supposed to be the neutral, nonpartisan process of counting every person.''

Photo: Getty Images

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