89 Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Gets a Big Surprise from Customer

89 year-old Derlin Newey works about 30 hours a week delivering pizzas for Papa Johns in Utah. Newey, who lives alone, needed a job to make ends meet when he realized his social security checks weren't covering the bills.

He has developed a friendship with the "regulars" on his route especially with the Valdez family.

Newey became a bit of star on the Valdez family's TikTok videos on their channel @vendingheads. It started when the Valdez family were so taken with Newey's personality and kindness they asked if they could record him for their Tik Tok videos.

As the Newey became a budding Tik Tok star, people started asking why is an 89-year-old delivering pizzas and not enjoying his retirement?

According to KSL5TV Alex Cabrero - the family said Newey's catch- phrase was with each delivery is, "Hello, are you looking for some pizza?"

Carol Valdez told KSL5TV "It's insane. Everybody loves him,"

The Valdez's 53,000 Tik Tok followers rallied together and raised $12,069 and presented it to Derlin Newey. Then they explained what Tik Tok is...

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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