Newsom calls for California ban on new gas-fueled cars by 2035

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order calling for California to ban new gasoline-fueled cars and trucks within 15 years. The executive order directs the California Air Resources Board to establish regulations requiring that all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California in 2035 be zero-emission vehicles.

We talked to ABC 7 Car specialist Dave Kunz about the ban on gas-powered cars by 2035 as well as Tesla, catalytic converter thefts and which vehicles are targeted the most. Also, what are the best deals out there?


Tesla owners were locked out of their cars after a massive outage with the Tesla App yesterday, concern a hacker may of caused the outage.

Tesla had a complete network outage that hit its internal service and customer mobile app. Some Tesla driver's were able to get back in after about an hour. The Tesla mobile app holds a digital key and only the owners that have a physical version were able to access and drive their Tesla. Some owners still haven't had their power restored. The outage affected most of the U.S. and parts of Europe.

Frank Lambert, a Tesla owner was the first to alert Tesla to this outage on his Twitter account.

The big outage came a day after Tesla lost $50 billion in its market value due to its Wall Street reaction to Musk's 'Battery Day', was less than enthusiastic.

Tesla is working on new battery technology that will enable the company to make sleeker, more affordable cars (like $25,000) that can travel much longer distances on a single charge.

Musk announced plans for an all-new manufacturing plant, that Tesla will pursue over the next 10 years in order to start producing its own batteries.

On Tesla and for more on Banning gas-powered cars and trucks by 2035

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