Harrison Ford has Been Cleared to Fly Again

Back to the skies for Hans Solo. Harrison Ford, 78 has been cleared and given the green light to fly again after the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) investigated his improper runway crossing at Hawthorne Airport.

In April of this year, Ford was told to "hold short" of the runway at Hawthorne Airport because another plane was on the runway. Ford misunderstood what they tower operator said and crossed anyway. The tower got angry and told Ford I told you to hold. Ford apologized and said he heard the complete opposite. Tower then asked him to call them.

The FAA did an investigation of the incident and Ford was required to take a "remedial runway incursion training course".

Ford has taken the course, completed it and the FAA has closed the Ford case.


Ford had an incident at John Wayne Airport in 2017 where he overflew a Boeing 737 as it was holding short and landed his plane on the taxiway.

In 2015, Ford's plane made an emergency landing on the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, CA. Ford had radioed in to report he was experiencing engine failure. Ford suffered a broken pelvis and broken ankle.


PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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