Pacifica Man Catches Mountain Lion Hungrily Watching Kids Play

When Pacifica resident Timothy Kerrisk opened his front door on Saturday evening, he saw what he thought was a large dog on the walkway leading up to his front porch...

"I went outside to go look for my cat who had gotten out earlier and when I went outside I opened the door... I thought it was a German Shepherd at first, I was like 'oh, somebody's dog,'" Kerrisk said.

Then, he realized he was actually looking at a mountain lion!

And as if that wasn't scary enough, he then noticed the mountain lion was hungrily preying on some neighborhood kids riding their bikes on the street!!!

"I was like, 'oh my God no, that's a mountain lion,'" Kerrisk said. "And so I started yelling for the kids to go back inside and that's when the mountain lion turned around, started coming at me and then jumped over the fence."

Thankfully, Kerrisk said the cat never returned.

But -- turns out those children on bikes weren't the only items on the mountain lion's menu that day...

Kerrisk later learned that just moments before he saw the mountain lion, his neighbor had captured video of it chasing Kerrisk's cat. When the cat got away, that's when the mountain lion turned its attention toward the kids, the neighbor says.

Read the full story on ABC 7.

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