@DarkSecretPlace - LAPD in Trouble for Shooting at Protester's Testicles

Photo Courtesy: Los Angeles Police Dept.

A protester was shot in the groin with a foam projectile, by the LAPD, during the recent protests in Hollywood in early June. Ben Montemayor was rushed into emergency surgery after sustaining catastrophic damage to his testicles.

The video, which was captured on bodycam, and released by the LAPD, showed Montemayor backing away, with his hands up. The LAPD officer then lowered his aim, and fired a foam projectile at Montemayor's groin.

The LAPD is launching an investigation into the incident, focusing on why it was necessary to shoot a someone, with a 40mm foam projectile, in the family jewels. While there were reports of some protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police officers, Montemayor, a filmmaker, appeared to pose no threat.

During Super Hyper Local Sundays on KFI AM640, Bryan Suits discussed the incident, and was reminded of other moments when people took unfortunate attacks to their genitals.

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